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Funeral Home Myths and Their Truths

There are tons of myths circulating the world about funeral homes and related services. If you’re doing research into funeral homes in Trenton, NJ, you need to make sure that you clear on some common funeral home myths and misconceptions. The following list of funeral home myths and their truths will help guide you on your process:

  1. Funeral home products like caskets and cremation urns have to be bought from the funeral home. In reality, the Federal Trade Commission’s 1984 Funeral Rule protects consumer’s right to purchase funeral products from any source.
  2. A high-quality casket and vault will preserve remains forever. Caskets and vaults that are well made with durable construction and high-tech seals help keep water and dirt out, but they will never stop decomposition entirely.
  3. The law requires embalming. The law does not require embalming in most situations. There are some circumstances that vary by state in which embalming is required. However, these are rare.
  4. Cremation is the only environmentally friendly alternative to burial. While cremation can be greener than burial, that’s not always the case. There are also lots of other green alternatives out there, and you can choose to have a green burial where there are no embalming fluids, chemicals or unnatural casket materials.
  5. Funeral directors only want to make money. Like any other professional in customer services, from doctors to florists, funeral directors do charge for their services but strive to make those services worthwhile. There are some funeral directors who are “bad apples” but they are few and far between.
  6. Funerals are overpriced. You can spend as little or as much as you like when planning a funeral. Services vary in cost depending on location.
  7. There are strict laws governing the disposition of cremated remains. Laws about cremated remains vary greatly from state to state, but they only deal with burial or scattering. Some states have regulations on where ashes can be scattered, but there are no federal laws. Be sure to double-check your state’s laws before scattering remains.
  8. The law requires burial vaults. Some cemeteries require burial vaults, but there are no laws that require them. Check with your cemetery to make sure you understand their requirements before the funeral.
  9. Funerals homes are sad places. While this may have been true in the past, funeral homes have changed a lot. Funerals themselves can be very joyous occasions as loved ones celebrate the deceased’s life. In a typical modern funeral, laughter and music coexist with tears and ritual.

If you want to learn more about Trenton, NJ funeral homes, J. Allen Hooper Funeral Chapel is here to help. We offer a wide range of funeral home services and have years of experience ready to put to your disposal. Please stop by and visit us at 41 W Trenton Ave Morrisville, PA 19067, or give us a call at (215) 295-7725 for more information on what we can do for you.

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How to Find the Perfect Cremation Urn

Finding the perfect cremation urn after a loved one’s cremation service in Levittown, PA can be very overwhelming. You want to try and honor the deceased in the best way possible, but you are also most likely trying to balance design, price, material, and a host of other factors. Rather than get stressed out, use these tips to help you find the perfect cremation urn.

    • What Would the Deceased Want? – Not everyone will have a specific plan laid out for after their death, but be sure to do exactly what your lost loved one laid out if he or she did so. If there is no plan in place, use your best judgement as to what he or she would have wanted. Was your loved one big on eco-friendly living? If so, you can look into purchasing an eco-friendly urn to honor their name in. Did your loved one spend most of their time working in the garden? If so, consider purchasing a garden memorial urn.
    • How Will the Urn Be Used? – There are different kinds of urns for different uses. For example, if you’re going to scatter the ashes, you can get a scattering urn. Or if you are going to cast the ashes from an airplane, you need a special airline safe urn. If the urn is going to be displayed outside, you need to be sure you get an outdoor safe urn.

  • Size is Important – Urn size varies, and you should consider size when shopping for an urn. If you’re going to display the urn, it should be able to fit in the place in which you want to display it. For example, if you want to place the urn on your fireplace mantle you need to be sure the base of the urn is the right size to fit on the mantle space. Larger urns work better when placed safely on the ground, so make sure you have a designated area for it if you decide to go with a larger one.
  • Urn Art is an Option – Urns can be made as beautiful as any piece or art, and they can range in style from painted and colored to specially molded and shaped. Art urns are also ideal for display, as they lend a unique and personalized air to the memorial.
  • Think About Material – There are wooden urns, metal urns, crystal and glass urns, natural stone urns, and much more. You can narrow down your options by considering what material your loved one would value the most, and what material works with what you want the urn to do. For example, an outdoor or buried urn needs to be a different material than an indoor display urn.

It’s important to consider the cost of cremation before you purchase an urn. Your loved one’s urn should be just as unique as your loved one, so be sure to take his or her unique preferences, qualities, and interests into consideration. If you need more help choosing an urn or arranging cremation services, reach out to J. Allen Hooper Funeral Chapel by visiting 41 W Trenton Ave Morrisville, PA 19067, or calling (215) 295-7725.

Funeral homes in Levittown, PA

How to Act At A Funeral Home

As with any part of culture, funeral home accepted behavior and dress have changed over the years. However, just because times change doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be knowledgeable about accepted customs. Funeral homes in Levittown, PA are ritualized and somber places that call for respect, and it’s important to know what personal, religious or cultural considerations you need to make for the deceased’s family and friends.

Be sure to do things like:

  • Offer Sympathy: It’s almost always appropriate to offer sympathy to the deceased’s friends and family. Oftentimes a simple “I’m sorry for your loss” is all you need. Always remember to be respectful, but feel free to offer your own personalized condolences.
  • Find out the Gift Situation: Its tradition to bring some sort of gift for the deceased or the family. Usually flowers are the best choice, but sometimes the family requests charitable donations in lieu of flowers. Always be sure to include a note or a signature so the knows who the gift is from.
  • Inquire About the Dress Code: Black is the classic funeral color, but sometimes the event or the family calls for a different look. If you’re unable to discover the family’s wishes, dress conservatively and avoid bright colors.
  • Sign the Book: The registry book may seem silly, but it can be an important way for the family to look back and enjoy who came to honor their passed love one. Include your name and relationship to the deceased for easy identification in the future.
  • Reach Out: Don’t be afraid to reach out to the family after the funeral. A simple phone call may go a long way in comforting them in their difficult time.

Sometimes it’s easier and clearer to list unacceptable or unnecessary funeral home behavior. Things to avoid include:

  • Overstaying Your Welcome: Don’t feel like you have to stick around the funeral home for too long. Sometimes a quick condolence is enough.
  • Stifle Your Emotions: Its ok to laugh and cry at a funeral home. The deceased’s life was filled with emotion, so it makes sense for his or her funeral to be too.
  • Overactive Children: Loud or disturbing children have no place in a funeral home. It’s all right to bring the kids if they understand how to be respectful, but if not, leave them with a sitter.
  • Ringing Cell phones: Turn your phone to silent! Also, never check your messages during the funeral service. It can wait.
  • Avoid the Family or Receiving Line: A quick hug, hello, or “sorry for your loss” goes a long way with a grieving family. Never skip the receiving line, even if it’s long.

Funeral homes are tricky places to navigate! The team at J. Allen Hooper Funeral Chapel is happy to help you with any information and guidance you may need when it comes to Levittown, PA funeral homes. Pay us a visit at 41 W Trenton Ave Morrisville, PA 19067, or give us a call at (215) 295-7725 to learn more.

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Things To Know About Scattering Ashes

It’s no surprise that cremation services in Yardley, PA are becoming very popular. However, many people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what happens after a cremation. You can bury the ashes, keep them in your home, or scatter them. If you want to go the scattering route, its important that you know and understand the facts and rules surrounding the process, such as the following.

  • There Might Be Bones – Most cremations reduce the body down to fine ash mixed with coarse, sand-like ash containing bone fragments. Be aware of this fact when considering scattering.
  • You Don’t Have to Scatter It All – You can scatter as much or as little of the ashes as you want. Sometimes different members of the family each take a turn scattering, or some of the ashes are kept to be scattered at a later date, in a different location, or not at all.
  • Decide Who Will Scatter – It seems obvious, but it’s important to make a clear plan for who will scatter the ashes, and this might not be as straightforward as it may seem. Sometimes families wish for a religious leader to do the scattering, or other times families hire a company to help.
  • Be Aware of Location Rules – Rules and regulations about where you can scatter ashes varies from state to state, and even city to city. Be sure to read up on your local laws to avoid getting fined for scattering in a prohibited place. The same goes for more unique scattering locations, such as at sea or in national parks. Sometimes you even need a permit.
  • There is More Than One Way of Scattering – Scattering can mean more than just tossing ashes into the wind. There are in fact two main ways of scattering ashes: casting and trenching. Casting is scattering the ashes into the air, and trenching is burying the ashes just below the ground surface. You can also rake ashes into soil, cast ashes from an airplane, or even send ashes into space.
  • Check Wind Direction – Be sure to take note of the wind direction on the day you want to scatter. You do not want to have ashes blown back into your face. It’s not unhealthy or dangerous, just very uncomfortable.
  • Private or Memorial Scattering – You can choose to scatter the ashes privately or in conjunction with a memorial service. It all depends on your or the deceased’s preferences.
  • Take Photographs – You can take photographs of the scattering to help preserve memories, and to have something more concrete to honor the deceased. Sometimes people regret scattering as it takes away any concrete memorial, so the photographs can be a good stand in for the ashes themselves.

There are many ways to scatter ashes and memorialize a loved one after a Yardley, PA cremation service. If you want to learn more, you can contact J. Allen Hooper Funeral Chapel by visiting us at 41 W Trenton Ave Morrisville, PA 19067, or giving us a call at (215) 295-7725.